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CuteDJ is a powerful mixer that you can use to make new musical creations. It's a convenient, easy-to-use, and intuitive tool that allows you to manage a huge quantity of tracks at the same time so that you can find the specific sound you're looking for. You'll also surprise your family, friends, or whoever else is listening with the great quality of the mixes you make.

To start using this handy tool, you just have to drag or import the number of tracks you need into the program. Then, you can play them on either of the turntables. You can apply any of the effects that you find displayed below each track, which will come in handy as you start trying out new sounds and filters. In between the turntables, you'll see the mixer, which has knobs that control the low, middle, and high ends, as well as one that allows you to listen to the song you're currently mixing in your headphones.

The program's biggest advantage is that you're able to work with a huge number of songs and formats. You can insert basically anything you want to hear in your mixes into the program and you won't have any difficulties. CuteDJ is designed to be used by radio stations, in commercial venues, or for any space that needs a complex tool that can create a particular musical ambiance.

In addition to the mixing function, CuteDJ also has functions for video and karaoke. So, you'll be able to create your own music videos and add the lyrics so that the people watching can sing along. All of these features are perfectly integrated into the interface and so intuitive that none of them will give you any trouble when you use the tool.
By Álvaro Toledo

1. iTunes 12.5.X.X compatibility.
2. Support 5 brand new controllers.
3. Other bug fixes and stability improvements.


Totally functional for 20 day trial period.

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